Christmas Tree Tales Around European Countries and Some Other States

Christmas Tree Tales Around European Countries and Some Other States

Modern Christmas trees started off during the Renaissance period in the early modern Germany. Its origins from the other states are somewhat similar to the way the decorated their Christmas trees. Here are some of the countries that are also using Christmas trees to celebrate the season.

Christmas Trees from Sweden

Lots of people are buying Christmas trees very well just before the Christmas Eve, but it is not very common to bring a tree inside and then ornamented it until just some more days before the Christmas day. Evergreen trees are being ornamented with snowflakes, stars, and sunbursts made from the straw material. Some other decorations included straw centerpieces and colorful wooden animals.

Christmas Tree Sweden

Christmas Trees from Ireland

The Christmas trees are being bought anytime within December month and are ornamented with tinsel, baubles, and some colored lights. Some people favored the angel over the top of a tree, others are the star. The home is being ornamented with ivy, garlands, candles, and holly. Mistletoe and wreaths are being hung at the door.

Christmas tree Ireland

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Christmas Trees from Ukraine

It is being commemorated on 25th of December by the Catholics and on the 7th of January by the Orthodox Christians. Christmas is considered as the most famous holiday within Ukraine. During the season of Christmas that also includes the New Year’s Day, lots of people are decorating with fir trees and they are having parties.

Christmas Trees from Norway

These days, the Norwegians usually take the trip going to the forest to choose the Christmas tree, the trip that also their grandfathers possibly did not make. Christmas trees were not introduced from Germany to Norway until the latter part or half of the nineteenth century; to the state districts it arrived even later. When the Christmas Eve approaches, there is the ornamenting of the Christmas tree, normally performed by the parents in the back of those closed doors of their living room, while their children waited with excitement outside. The Norwegian ritual called as the “circling of the Christmas tree” followed, where everybody joined their hands to create the ring around a tree and then will walk around it and singing the carols. After that, gifts are being dispersed.

Christmas Trees from Greenland

Christmas trees were imported, since there are no trees that live this far in the northern part. They are ornamented with bright ornaments and candles.

Christmas Trees from Greenland

Christmas Trees from Spain

The famous Christmas custom is the Catalonia this is considered as one lucky strike game. The tree trunk is being filled with goodies, while the kids hit the trunk attempting on knocking out those toffee, hazelnuts, almonds, and some other treats.

Christmas Trees from South Africa

The Christmas is considered as the summer holiday in the country of South Africa. Even though Christmas trees were not really common, windows are usually draped with tinsels and sparkling cotton wools.

Christmas Trees from Brazil

Even though Christmas falls on summer in Brazil, at times the pine trees are ornamented with bits of cotton that represented the falling snow.

Christmas Trees from Great Britain

This Norway spruce is a conventional species used to ornament the homes in Britain. This Norway spruce has been the native species in the British Isles just before the final Ice Age, and had been reintroduced here before year 1500s.

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