12 usa states legalized marijuana

12 States That Legalized Marijuana for Medication and Recreation

The legality of medical and recreational cannabis use will vary by country, with regards to their possession, cultivation, and distribution, and with regards to medical use, what medical situations it may be used for and how it can be consumed. In this regard, let us learn from here the twelve states in the United States alone that already legalized the use of marijuana.


Adults that are 21 and above may light it up in Alaska. During early 2015, the northern part of the US state has made it legalized for its residents to use, transport and possess up to one ounce of marijuana, which is roughly a sandwich of a bag full of marijuana for recreational use. Their first-ever pot shop that opened their business for marijuana was during late 2016.

Alaska had pounced on the chances to make the recreational pot dispensaries a place for tourists. There are about more than 2 million people visit Alaska yearly and spend $2 billion there.

Alaska Registry card for Legalized marijuana


This was the initial state to legalize the use of medical marijuana way back in 1996. The state of California became more pot-friendly during 2016 when they had made it legal and allowed the use and carrying up of up to an ounce of marijuana.

Their law also allowed the adults 21 and up to purchase up to 8 grams of the marijuana concentrates, which has been found in edibles, which grow not more than 6 marijuana plants in each household. Getting Californians to purchase legal weed instead of buying from their black market had been challenging ever since the rule took effect.

California ID for Marijuana Patient


In Colorado, there had been even more marijuana dispensaries you are going to see than McDonalds and Starbucks locations combined. The Colorado state joined Washington state in becoming the primary two states to really legalize this drug in the year 2012.

The residents and the tourists that are over 21 years of age may buy up to an ounce of marijuana which is 8 grams of concentrated marijuana. There are some Colorado cities and counties that have passed more restraining laws.

Colorado Medical Marijuana


The ballot initiative in the year 2016 gave Mainers their right to use up to 2.5 ounces of this marijuana, which is more than double its limits when compared in most other places or states.

Maine’s legislature has been ironing out the details of when and how the recreational pot dispensaries may be open in the states.

Maine registry for medical cannabis


In the year 2016, Massachusetts gave its residents the go signal or green light to use and carry an ounce of marijuana and to grow up until 12 plants inside their homes. The primary pot shops unlock in the state a year ago, and with an even more to arrive this year.

Massachusetts Legalized Marijuana


Voters in the state of Michigan have passed Proposition 1 during the previous year, making it the first state within the Midwest that legalizes the sale and possession of cannabis for those adults that are over 21 years of age. The bill permits the adults in possessing until 2.5 ounces of the marijuana and allowed the residents to grow it until 12 plants in their houses.

The rule is even more permissive compared to that other state with legal marijuana: Most allowed residents only possessed until an ounce at the moment.

Michigan cannabis user's ID

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The residents and the tourists who are already 21 or over can purchase one ounce of marijuana, which is at least one-eighth of one ounce of concentrates or edibles in Nevada — while their supplies last.

The state had earned about $20 million in the marijuana tax revenue alone since the market has launched it and there is bad news when you preferred to grow your personal bud, though. The Nevada residents should live 25 miles in the exterior of the nearest dispensary just in order to become eligible for the grower’s license.

 Nevada marijuana user's ID


Oregonians have taken pleasure the right to bring the ounce of weed which they can grow up to 4 plants at home ever since 2015.

The sales in the Oregon pot shops had exploded since its legalization: they are anticipated to top a dollar billion by the year 2020.

Oregon Legalized Marijuana


The state has become the first-ever state to legalize the marijuana through its legislature, instead of the ballot initiative, when Phil Scott, the Republic Governor signed the bill to become a law.

The adults in the place of Green Mountain State may be able to bring up to 1 ounce of marijuana, but grow no more of it than 2 plants for their recreational use. This new law goes into effect in July 2019. However, the bill has been limited in scope. This does not establish the legal market for the sale and production of the said drug.

vermont cannabis legal shop


The dispensaries in Washington had raked in about $1 billion in the non-medical marijuana trades ever since the drug has been legalized for their recreational use in the year 2012.

The state allowed its people to bring up to one ounce of marijuana, however, they should require the drugs for medicinal purposes only in order to become eligible for the license of the grower.

Washington cannabis business permit

Washington, D.C.

The residents in the capital of the nation have voted overwhelmingly in legalizing marijuana. The adults started using it in November of 2014.

Their bill already took effect in the year 2015. Allowing people to possess 2 ounces or even lesser marijuana. The “gift” of up to 1 an ounce if neither the money nor services or goods are exchanged.

Washington DC


Illinois lawmakers passed the bill that legalized the possession and the commercial sale of this marijuana in their state.

The governor, Gov. JB Pritzker was the one who made the legalization of marijuana as the core component of the campaign, he made for the office of the governor. The legal marijuana sales within the state are anticipated to begin. For its most part, Illinois will then be the primary state to legalize the sale of marijuana through the state’s legislature, instead of the ballot initiative, the moment Pritzker signs this bill to law.

Illinois legalized marijuana

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