10 Famous Gods of Egypt

10 Famous Gods of Egypt

Who are the famous Gods of Egypt?

Each country has its own cultural, spiritual, as well as traditional beliefs which can be reflected and observed from the distinct and unique way of their living. It may vary from country to country because of the influenced of their ancient civilization which existed a long time ago. Although there are many countries which did not successfully sustain its beliefs all throughout the past centuries, there are still a few countries who maintained the religious beliefs of their country from the very beginning up until now.

Ancient Egypt’s civilization rose up at around 3100 BC and all of the beliefs that they have during that time was actually preserved over hundreds of years and it was still there. In fact, it was considered as one of the longest-lasting civilization that the world has seen. This was made possible due to the one and only major factor that the Egyptian are handled right now which is their religion. It is known by the many that ancient Egyptians do believe in polytheistic rituals and beliefs. This basically means that they believe in many gods and they have many gods. However, there are only some of these gods which are very popular and famous to the Egyptians.

In order for you to know who are these gods, we presented below the 10 most worshiped ancient gods and goddesses in Egyptian mythology.

Nun (The Primeval God)

One of the most worshiped Egyptian God is a Nun. The nun’s name actually means primeval waters. Just like other mythologies, Egyptian mythology was believed to be originated in the hands of a certain god and that god is known to be as a Nun. The nun is the oldest god among all of the gods in Egyptian mythology. It was believed that he is the god behind the origin of life in the universe.

Nun (The Primeval God)

Amun-Ra (The God of Gods)

In Greek mythology, Zeus was considered as the god of gods. In Egyptian mythology, it is Amun-Ra or also known as Amon, who is considered as the king of all gods and as well as goddesses. Amon became Amun-Ra when he was united with Ra, the god of the sun. In addition, he is also the reason why the Theban Triad has been formed together with his wife Mut, and their son Khonsu, the god of the moon. They are not just being worshiped in Egypt there are also some people outside of Egypt who worship them.

Amun-Ra (The God of Gods)

Mut (The Goddess’ Mother)

Mut is a divine who wears two crowns in her head, which represents the Upper and the Lower Egypt. Moreover, Mut is also believed to be the mother of goddesses since her name basically means “mother” in Egyptian. She is also the wife of Amun-Ra and the mother of Khonsu. In addition, she is oftenly represented as a cow, cobra, cat, or even a lion. She is being worshiped by numerous Pharaohs together with her associations.

Mut (The Goddess' Mother)

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Osiris (The King of the Living)

Osiris is known to be the oldest child of Zeb. The god of Earth and Nut and the goddess of the sky. He is also believed to be the King of life after death. This basically means that Egyptians do believe that there is life after death.

In addition, Osiris is oftenly represented with a green skin, which indicates that he is the god of vegetation. In line with this, Osiris was said to be the god who is accountable for the fertile flooding and vegetation around the Nile River which then results to renewal and growth. Before Osiris got murdered by his own brother named Seth, it was said that he married her own sister named Isis. Osiris died due to what Seth did to him. However, Isis brought his life back through the use of magic. Later on, Horus, son of Osiris and Isis, revenged for his father’s death and became the Egypt. On the other hand, Osiris became the god of the underworld.

Osiris (The King of the Living)

Ra (God of Radiance, and Sun)

One of the most important god in the history of the Egyptian is Ra, the god of the sun. Ra is oftenly described as a god who has a sun disk circling his head. In addition, he is also believed to be the creator of the world due to the sunrise and sunset, which indicates that there is a new beginning and an end. Ra and Horus both belong to the same association which gave Horus a big break because he was then considered as the Horus of the Horizon. There are a lot of Egyptian gods who chose to merge with Ra, but few gods also chose to be his rival.

Ra (God of Radiance, and Sun)

Horus (God of Vengeance)

Horus is the son of Osiris, god of the living and Isis, Osiris’ sister and wife. When his father died due to the murder, Horus made an action and avenged his father’s death. Later on he became the new Pharaoh and ruled the Egypt. Horus is oftenly described as the god who has a red and white crown around his falcon head. He is being worshiped as the god of light, protection, sky, and war. The Eye of Horus or also known as the Wedjat Eye was commonly known as the Eye of Ra. It only means that everything, from the smallest detail up to the biggest one, is being watched and seen from above.

Horus (God of Vengeance

Thoth (God of Wisdom and Knowledge)

The god behind the settlement between the good and evil was said to be Thoth, the self-created god. It was said that he is the reason behind the universe’s maintenance together with his fellow Ma’at and the expert on physical and divine laws. They used their mastery of calculations in order to do this. Furthermore, the ancient Egyptians recognized him as the god of magic, philosophy, and science. He was considered as the god with curses knowledge and intelligence in the Egyptian history. It is also said that he is the inventor of the 365-day calendar due to his great calculation skills.

Thoth God of Egypt for Wisdom and Knowledge

Hathor (Goddess of Motherhood)

Hathor is the god who is also known as the Mistress of the West. She also demonstrated motherhood and feminine love to its extent. Ancient Egyptians worships her as the goddess of music and dance. Moreover, it is believed that she is always providing a blessing by means of helping the women during the time of their pregnancy and childbirth. Hathor was also considered as the Lady of Heaven, Earth, and Underwold due to his good heart.

Hathor (Goddess of Motherhood) Gods of Egypt

Sekhmet (Goddess of Healing and War)

Sekhmet, daughter of Ra, was portrayed as a lioness due to her fierce personality. During the war, she is the one who leads and protects Pharaoh. She is also known for being powerful and has a capability to smash their enemies. The solar disk and the Egyptian cobra that can be seen around her head symbolized divinity and royalty. Sekhmet was also considered as an arbitrator when he accompanied Ma’at in Osiris’ Judgement Hall.

Sekhmet (Goddess of Healing and War) Gods of Egypt

Geb (God of Earth)

Geb is a son of Shu, god of air and Tefnut, goddess of moisture. He is also known as the Father of Snakes which is responsible for crops and as well as healing. According to myths, Geb causes an earthquake whenever he laughs. In addition, he also plays an important role in the Book of the Dead due to the fact that he is the one who measures the kindness or evilness of the dead in the Judgement Hall of Osiris. The Egyptians way back, believed that Geb holds the soul of evil persons.

Geb Earth Gods of Egypt

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