What are the swimwear brands that is right for you?

Water party is not a water party at all without the presence of ladies showing off their sexy alluring bikinis. If you are attending a beach or pool celebration, here are the top 10 swimwear brands that you should consider your list.

Hoaka Swimwear

Elisabeth Rioux, the founder of Hoaka Swimwear brand, first started her business when she was at the age of 20. From the very beginning, the success of her hard works is observed and up until now, it is still a success. At first, Elisabeth was just a simple Instagram model not until now that she is already a successful entrepreneur. Her main purpose for her business is to connect the gap in the swimsuit portion and fabricate bikinis with a strong, durable, and consistent cute design. This design is very popular right now and there are women who post their photo online wearing the Hoaka Swimwear. This brand is available worldwide, which allows you to shop easily.

Hoaka Swimwear Brands


Another brand of swimwear that is available all over the world is the To Dive For bikinis which is based in Great Britain. The theme of their bikini products is more focused on luxury designs. In addition, this bikini, brand also offers other designs that are not too revealing such as off-shoulder or one-shoulder swimsuits. They also have swimwear for diving purposes here. And one more thing is that this swimwear brand is actually influenced by the Ocean Adventure that is why the all of the swimsuits found here are classy, fashionable, and most importantly, comfortable.


Kopper and Zinc

This bikini brand was made possible because of the Australian designer named Sally Burgess. The main reason why she labeled it as Kopper and Zinc is that she wanted to stop her desire about combining the beach lifestyle and the natural ability that a person has when she have seen the style. The designs of this brand are mostly focused on daring clothes with a dark color which enhances the body shape of every female. Furthermore, its other features include edgy and strappy design. Because of its stylish design, women are now being fashionable and at the same time being fluid.

Kopper and Zinc

Khassani Swimwear

Due to the passion for water and beach adventure, two ladies named Mathilde and Pauline started off their business in a form of making their own bikini brand. The collection of their designs is mostly concentrated on simple styles, skin-toned colors, or a combination of two. Moreover, every little detail on the bikini’s design enhances your figure that is why you should try to check their products for your upcoming summer vacation.

Khassani Swimwear

Love Stories Swimwear

If you are a person who dresses intimately, then this bikini brand is for you. A Dutch woman named Marloes Hoedeman is the founder of this bikini, brand which primarily focuses on intimate clothing. The choice of color shades, cuts, and fabrics are well-combined which in turn transformed into a stunning bikini. It is not like the other bikinis that are only good in the eyes, and this brand of bikini also comes with a smooth and soft fabric which allows you to have a comfy feeling.

Love Stories Swimwear

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Moiess Swimwear

A well-known woman vlogger named Jessica Mercedes is the person behind this bikini brand. Her idea is to make a bikini that is suitable for every woman’s body with a cheap price yet attractive. When she has finally found the bikini that suits her figure the most, she founded the Miss Swimwear. One more thing is that, Jessica herself is the one who is in charge with the designs of bikini products that is why almost all of the styles are flattering and suitable to women’s figure.

Moiess Swimwear

Sea Folly

In 1975, two ladies named Peter and Yvonne started off their career by founding a swimsuit company labeled as Peters Folly. Recently, the name Peters Folly was replaced by the name Sea Folly which became a well-known swimwear brand in the Australia. This company was recognized and was given an award which is the “Best Swimwear” because of its hit and stunning designs. Because of its popularity in Australia, it became widely known and branched out in different countries such as in the U.S. and Singapore.

Sea Folly

B Fyne Swimwear

One of the best features of this swimwear is that it is a combination of an uncommon story and brand. Unlike the other brands, this one is started by Buki Ade, a Nigerian-American lady. The main reason behind the foundation of her company is that she wanted to represent the female Africans in its most sincere sense. Another thing is that the design of their products is unusual, daring, flattering, and is suitable to women’s body.

B Fyne

Calzedonia Swimwear

Calzedonia is one of the most popular brand names in Italy, which began way back in 1987. They are fabricating and offering swimsuits for men, ladies, and kids. After almost 20 years of existence in the industry, Calzedonia became hot and popular brand name in Europe and as well as in the other countries. Because of its quality products and its dynamic approach, it became a successful bikini brand.


Oseree Swimwear

Founded by Isabella and Janine, this swimwear brand means “to dare” in French. At first, it was just their dream, but who would think that their dream will turn into reality? The goal of these two ladies was already met, but this is not yet the end of their career since they will need to maintain the quality of their works. By doing so, they are fabricating sensual yet fashionable designs that will surely look perfect to every woman’s figure. The swimsuits are fine, unique, and detailed. Lastly, the fashion sense of their products is on trend, aesthetic in appearance and has a high quality.


There are actually still multiple swimwear brands out there. The brand names mentioned above are the ones with a class, high quality, and a good fashion sense. Another thing is that all of the swimwear brands that you will find there is based on the trendy styles. That is why you should have this as your best picks.


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