Top 10 horror movies of 2017
The year 2017 shows movies that can be said as a really good movies. The horror movies that will be enumerated below are considered the best based on what the movie gives and tried to find their way out and be above the rest.

 Super Dark Times

The movie is about the teenagers Josh and Zach, who have been friends throughout their lives, but when the gruesome accident heads to conceal where the secret drives the wedge in between them and pushes them down the rabbit hole of rising paranoia and violence. Super Dark Times

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Hounds of Love

This young woman has been abducted by the monstrous husband and wife that have been clearly murdered before and did everything she can to remain alive or run off by generating doubts between her two subjugators. Hounds of Love

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The Devil’s Candy

The Devil’s Candy movie is about a pleasant family that transferred to a Texas farmhouse and only to stub heads repeatedly with its home former owner, because of the struggling painter that has been possessed by a satanic force after he and his whole family move into their dream home. The Devil's Candy

A Dark Song

This movie is about one grieving mother and the weird and damaged occultist that hides for a year in a freaking house, just to performed rituals and put their souls at risks.

A Dark Song


The Prevenge movie is about a very unhinged and pregnant woman who appeared to be on the murder spree. It does not take long for a viewer to understand that there is really a maternal method regarding her madness. Prevenge


This Raw movie is about the virginal vegetarian named as Justine, who encounters a merciless, dangerously and decadent seductive humanity during her initial week at the veterinary school. Because of her desperateness to fit in, Justine gets caught up with some truly odd hazing rituals, and is rapidly coming to reject the meat-shunning ways and strayed from her beliefs, as her first time to eat raw meat. Eventually, chicken cutlets and ground beef don’t cut it anymore, and there is some cannibalism to talk about now. This young lady experiences unexpected and terrible consequence as her real self started to emerge. Raw

Gerald’s Game

Gerald’s Game is a movie about a lady who accidentally kills her spouse during their kinky game. She had been handcuffed to their bed without any hope of being rescued, from then, she started seeing strange visions and hearing odd voices. Gerald’s Game

The Shape of Water

This movie is a horror drama that dealt with doubts of the ominous, unknown chambers, generally eerie locales, and intricate laboratories, and the terrifying things human beings normally do similar with humanity.  Elisa here is an isolated, mute woman that works as a cleanup lady in a high-secured, hidden government laboratory in Baltimore in 1962. Her life shifts forever when she finds out the lab’s classified top secret, the scaled, mysterious creature from the South America that stays in the water tank. When Elisa developed the exclusive bond with the new found friend, she soon discovered that its fortune and very enduring lies within the hands of a marine biologist and the hostile agent of the government. The Shape of Water

It: Chapter One

The seven young outsiders in Derry, Maine, were about to see their nastiest nightmare, the shape-shifting, ancient evil that appears from the sewer after 27 years to quarry on the children in the town. Banding together through the course of a horrifying summer, these buddies should overcome their personal fears in fighting with the bloodthirsty, murderous clown named as Pennywise. It Chapter One

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Get Out

The movie is about the young black guy that heads off with the white girlfriend to encounter her progressive family, and then later on realizes that there is something really wrong about the racial division in this sleepy small town. Mr. Peele employed tension and suspense all throughout the movie and it has some comedy scenes on the side, plus it lowers the beat with an ending that is demented fun. Get Out  

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