The Top 10 Electric Companies in USA

What are the top electric companies in USA?

One of the most needed things in the society during these days is the energy in the form of electricity as it serves as the blood flow for every household, public utility, industrial buildings and any other structures.

We all know that in the present generation, we are working along with the machines which makes work become quicker and easier. It seems like these equipments served as our work buddy in the past few decades and without them, it may take a lot of time, effort, and as well as energy if we will do our job manually. Moreover, the utilities that provide energy also depend on the energy itself in able to supply it in many regions.

Are you wondering what will most likely to happen if the electricity supply suddenly drop or was completely loss? According to the studies, electricity plays a vital role in the society. Once it was depleted or totally fade away, there is so much negative consequence to face. This is why multiple electric companies in the United States of America are now finding ways to increase its energy supply capacity. Because of this, people are now looking for the company who will give them the most outstanding service. And to help you with this matter, we presented the ten electric utility companies that provide the best service in the America.

Duke Energy Corporation

Being one of the most popular and largest companies in the industry, headquartered in Charlotte, New York City. Duke Energy provides 7.4 million electric trades among all of the customers that are located in the Southeast and Midwest areas.

It features 57,700 megawatts of electric capacity. This was made possible due to the presence of natural gas, coal, and as well as oil wherein this company got the biggest amount of electricity. It handles about 32,200 miles of total conducting wires and 268,700 miles of total allocation wires.

Moreover, it holds 32,900 miles of total gas distribution and transmission wires that is why it was considered as the biggest company running in the industry.

duke energy corporation Electric Companies in USA

Pacific Gas and Electric

The second largest company that provides electricity in the U.S.A. is the Pacific Gas and Electric or commonly known as PG&E which was founded by George H. Roe in the year 1905. Its headquarter is located in San Francisco and it supplies electricity as well as natural gas to most areas of California which has about 5.2 million households. The company was considered as the largest provider of electricity source in the United States in 1984. And as of this year, it has a market capitalization of $3.242 billion.

Pacific Gas and Electric

Exelon Corporation

Being the third-lister, Exelon Corporation is also one of the biggest companies in the United States with a total amount of megawatts higher than 35,500. It can provide electric and gas supplies to almost all households in Canada and U.S.A. Furthermore, this electric utility company had over $40.38 billion of market capitalization and $34.48 billion profit in the past year with 34,000 workers.

Exelon Corporation Electric Companies in USA

Edison International

Edison International is also one of the electric companies that are well-known in the United States which is headquartered in Rosemead, California. In addition, it can provide electricity for 50 states in the U.S.A. as well as the District of Columbia and over 220 million Americans gets benefit from the service of this company. And that is the reason why it is being patronized by most of the Americans.

Edison International

NextEra Energy Incorporation

This business is based in Juno Beach, Florida and it is also an investment business organization which holds transmission and distribution wires in U.S.A. and Canada. It also runs 45,900 megawatts of electric generating capacity and has a return income of approximately $16.6 billion with the number of 14,700 workers. Lastly, this company had a market capitalization of $76 billion in the past year.

NextEra Energy Incorporation Electric Companies in USA

Southern Company

One of the well-known company that supplies and distributes electric source in America that is headquartered in Atlanta is the Southern Company. It also constructs, develops, holds, and negotiates assets and merchandises electricity in the wholesale market. Moreover, about 9 million customers are being provided by electric sources and it has a generating capacity of 46,000 megawatts. During 2018, this company had a market capitalization of $45.28 billion, with 32,000 workers and a return income of $23.78 billion.

Southern Company

American Electric Power

Another major company that owns and supplies electricity to over 5 million customers in 11 different areas in the U.S.A is the American Electric Power or AEP. This company was founded in the year 1906, headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. The business organization is also well known in this industry because of there high generating capacity with an amount of 38,000 megawatts. Moreover, it also satisfies the ten percent demand coming from the Eastern Interconnection with its 39,000 mile transmission wires. The company also has multiple branches in different countries that are why it was considered as one of the biggest electric utility companies.

American Electric Power

First Energy

Headquartered in Akron, Ohio, this company transmits and distributes electricity to over 6 million customers in different areas in the United States. It has the ability to provide and generate 16,000 megawatts of electric capacity with a total distribution wire of 194,000 miles. Its total profit is approximately $14.562 billion, with over 15,617 employees.

First Energy

Xcel Energy

This company is based in Minneapolis Minnesota provides an electricity to more than 3.3 million customers in different areas in the United States. Moreover, it has a profit of $11.40 billion and an operating income of $2.19 billion with 11,075 workers. In 2018, this company announced that they would supply a clean and carbon-free electricity supply by 2050.

Xcel Energy

National Grid

Being the last from the list, this business organization plays an important role in the United Kingdom as well as in the Northeastern United States. These areas get its electricity from National Grid. Moreover, this company does not only provide an electric source, but as well as natural gas which is based in London. It also runs and conserves its high-voltage electricity transmissions in the United Kingdom. As of 2018, this company had a total amount of $37.99 billion market capitalization and $20 billion profit with 25,000 employees.

National Grid Electric Companies in USA

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