The Most Unusual Largest Facial Parts from Around the World
Human beings came from different sizes and shapes and some are too huge while some are really small. Some people have a body part much larger or longer when compared with the average person. Here are some of the unusual sizes of the many parts of our face:

Nick Stoeberl with longest tongue

Nick Stoeberl is from USA whose tongue measures 3.97 inches or 10.1 cm from the tip up to the core of the blocked top lip. This report has been confirmed on November 27, 2012 at Salinas, California, USA. Nick Stoeberl with longest tongue

Francisco Domingo Joaquim with biggest mouth

Francisco Domingo Joaquim is a 20 year old guy from Angola and had been recorded having the world’s widest mouth. His mouth measures 17 cm or 6.69 in wide as per record of the Guinness World Records. Joaquim claimed that it is his ultimate dream that came true and that is to be included in the record book. Although it may appear as Photoshopped, but you can only prove it real if you personally check him out and he will be stretching out those lips really well and he will past the limits of the human endurance. Francisco Domingo Joaquim with biggest mouth

Kim Goodman with biggest eyes

Kim Goodman is from Chicago, Illinois and she already appeared on the TV Late Show with David Letterman. She was integrated by Guinness Records during their 50th anniversary in 2004 and she was included in the lists of the most ten “deeds” of all time. She is the woman who that has the ability to pop out her eyes from the eye sockets by 0.47 inches or 12 millimeters. She takes the world’s record as someone that can make the farthest eyeball extension. She lives in. Kim finds out about her eyeball popping ability when there is this one day that she was hit above her head. The eyeballs burst out further than the usual and since that day, then pop out of her eyes become her routine on cue, also when she yawns. Kim Goodman with biggest eyes

Daryl “Bear” Belmares with Largest ears

Daryl “Bear” Belmares was born on July 10, 1956 and holds the record of the worlds’ largest stretched earlobes with 5 1/2 inches. He already appeared in the film Modify and he is their pastor at the Place Austin and also a piercer. Daryl Bear Belmares with Largest ears

Sain Mumtaz with largest head

Sain Mumtaz lives 100km for Pakistani city of the Lahore on the street in the city of Narowal. He has the most unusual large head and what is causing the extreme growth of his head and how Sain should be treated is the complete mystery. This terribly spoiled man lives was told to be suffering from Proteus syndrome ever since he was a child and this is the similar condition of that is experiencing by Joseph Merrick, also known as the Elephant Man. However, Proteus illness is renowned for disturbing only a portion of the body up to the eyes being trained the symmetrical defects of Sain’s head and the skull the skull recommends that he is probably experiencing from the different many rare congenital dysmorphologies conditions. His family sought no kind of medical intervention ever since he was a child, but now that he is 18, he wanted to know what’s wrong with him, also to know whether there is anything that might help to improve his life now. Sain Mumtaz with largest head

Ladies of Kareni tribe with Longest Neck

The ladies of Kareni tribe or Padaung of Myanmar, Burma has been practicing of placing successive fittings of copper coil, and their maximum identified extension of their human neck is around 15.75 in or 40 cm and they are practicing this to signify beauty. Their necks eventually will become weak and so long that will not be able to support their heads with no coils at all. In most tribes these coils are taken out to punish the women that have committed adultery. There are only initial discomforts recorded after the coils has been set, yet its distance from earlobes to the collarbone extends to a more doubled that the average. Myths say that a ring will protect the women from a tiger that once killed the ancient princess. And since the practice may be dangerous if the coils will be taken away, it has been increasingly discouraging in this modern time. But, the tourist demands had presently revived this fatal practice, with the Paduang tribe girls who have been initiated as young as five years young. Ladies of Kareni tribe with Longest Neck

Radhakant Baijpai with Longest Ear Hair

Radhakant Baijpai is an Indian grocer whose ear hair measures 10 inches long or 25cm long. He is officially recognized by the Guinness Records in 2003 as owning the most elongated ear hair from around the world. He has grown his ear hair starting from five inches or 13.2cm up to the present. Radhakant Baijpai with Longest Ear Hair

Vivian Wheeler Longest Female Beard

Vivian Wheeler is also called as Melinda Maxie, holds the most iconic Guinness Records personality of the classic title, the longest beard female. She has a 10-inch whisker now, but she spent many years before exhibiting her beards in the sideshows under an alter ego name Melinda, who suffered from hypertrichosis and have to begin shaving at age seven. She then decided to let her facial hair grow, which she now keeps her whisker at the manageable of 10 inches. She normally tied it up so that she may continue with her daily routine. Vivian Wheeler Longest Female Beard

Mehmet Ozyurek with Longest/highest Nose

Mehmet Ozyurek was born in 1949 in Turkey and he has been verified as having the longest nose in the world. His nose measures 8.8 cm or 3.5 inches, but it was measured last July 6, 2007. But recently, the world’s longest nose record has been shattered by Faizan Agha from Rawalpindi, Pakistan, wherein it is claimed that his nose is measuring 4.8 inches, but not yet verified. Mehmet Ozyurek with Longest highest Nose

Zheng Shusen with Longest Eyebrow Hair

Zheng Shusen is from China and his eyebrows measured 19.1 cm or 7.5 in upon measuring it on January 6, 2016 at Manzhouli, in Inner Mongolia, China. He was 81 years of age during this time of measurement. Zheng Shusen with Longest Eyebrow Hair  

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